Information on 4 Real Estate Investors

Information on 4 Real Estate Investors

REITs and property investment institutions are leading the recovery of the real estate sectors. Transaction activities have reached the pre-recession level in some cities.

In terms of investors type, it is also interesting to see the diversity: in general, it can be categorized into REITs, Property Funds, Pension Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Property Private Equity Funds.

Here are some companies that are actively investing in commercial real estate opportunities at moment.

Mountain Real Estate Capital

Mountain Real Estate Capital is acquisition and investment affiliate of Mountain Funding.

Mountain Real Estate is based in North Carolina, and have concluded several deals including REO purchase of a portfolio of 56 residential communities in the greater Atlanta area from Bank of North Georgia; Equity joint venture with GreenPointe Communities of Florida to purchase, develop and sell two subdivisions located in Jacksonville.

The Fund’s current investment activities have been concentrated in the south-eastern states of United States.

Brookfield Properties Corporation

As we have mentioned several times, Canadian Real Estate groups are now the most active foreign investors in US commercial properties.

Brookfield Properties is one of the most successful global property group based in Canada. It has significant portfolio, mainly commercial properties, but also some residential and specialty properties across North America. It has very large portfolio of commercial properties in major US cities especially in the New York City.


The company is also actively involved in developments, and is also expanding its presence in Australia & Asia after its integration of Multiplex Group in Australia.


Canadian REITs and individual investors are increasing their presence in United States; helped by the strength and currency as well as their knowledge in US real estate market, their investment activities are expected to increase further this year.


RCG Ventures


RCG Ventures LLC (RCG) is a privately funded real estate investment group acquiring commercial real estate in the Continental United States.


The company is active in opportunities with value between $3m to $50m across United States. Its current portfolio includes a diverse range of properties in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee and other states. As the firm is based in Georgia, it has very strong presence in Georgia and other nearby states.


Typically, the firm invests in commercial real estate that has very strong anchor tenant in place.


Reuben Brothers Real Estate


Reuben Brothers are well known for their investments and developments in the real estate industry. They have their own real estate holdings; they also have their own venture capital company providing funding to different investments. Reuben Brothers have numerous real estate holdings both in the UK and overseas.


Reuben Brothers have numerous real estate holdings both in the UK and overseas. The real estate portfolio can be divided into: Own Real Estate Holdings, Retail Holdings & Developments, Data Centres, Own Developments, Joint Venture Developments and Joint Venture Holdings

They are very flexible in terms of type of asset they wish to invest or develop.


They had strong record in retail developments, Internet Data Centres and large redevelopment projects.


Reuben Brothers are particularly interested in specialized assets that can have unique developments potential regional dominance.

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