Top States for Biotechnology Jobs

As the biotechnology industry grows, so does that amount of jobs that pertain to the industry.  Research is being done daily – and breakthroughs are being made weekly.

Biotechnology has already produced a number of scientific advances that have not only wowed the world, but have created entire industries with jobs, products and entire marketplaces.  The United States, especially, has seen a rapid growth in the number of job relevant to Biology and Technology.

For instance, in 2006 it was recorded that around 200 000 jobs existed in biotechnology companies within the United States.   Before compiling a list of the top states within the USA for biotechnology jobs, it’s important to know what kind of jobs are being considered.   In general, the biotechnology industry consists of:


Research Institutions

Large Pharmaceutical Companies

Agriculture Companies

And Other Industries which use biotechnology

Out of the above list, Universities and agricultural companies produce the most biotechnology jobs.  This mainly due to the fact that a) Universities are where the research and testing occurs and b) Agricultural companies are where biotechnology is most applicable to real world applications.   There are more than 5000 biotechnology companies located in the Untied States, supplying employment for close to one million people.

The Top States in the US Biotechnology Industry are:

California:   California has the most biotechnology companies out of any state in the United states with close to 3000 biotechnology companies.  The majority of these companies are biotechnology that is related to the pharmaceutical industry.   Over 80 000 people are employed in this sector alone; furthermore, thousands of people work within universities and research institutions.    Most biotechnology companies in California are located in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  In summary:

Over 3000 Biotechnology Companies

150 000 Employees

Many of the top biotechnology companies in the world are in California

Florida:  Florida is one of the top states for biotechnology.  There are close to 50 biotechnology companies in Florida (with that number growing rapidly) that employ around 20 000 people.   Biotechnology jobs in Florida include a lot of work in the agricultural industry, as well as environmental protection and biofuel.   The main focus, however, of many of these biotechnology companies is the application of biotech in therapeutics.

Maryland:  Maryland, one of the smaller states in the United States, is one of largest contributors to the biotechnology industry.   There are close to 75 biotechnology companies within Maryland, with the majority of them located in the Montgomery region.  In general, biotechnology companies in Maryland focus of biotechnology drugs.

One of the ten largest biotechnology companies in the United States is found in Maryland.  MedImmune is headquarter in Gaithersburg and is one of the leaders in biotechnology drugs.  In summary:

Maryland has more than 75 biotechnology companies

25 000 Employees work within the biotech industry

Many tuition free lab associate training programs exist in Maryland.

New York:  New York is an interesting state for biotechnology.  Depending on how you define the industry – and what you include or don’t include within it – New York has between 75 to 150 biotechnology companies.  There are close to 6000 people employed within the New York biotechnology industry.  As far as a state that receives biotechnology patens, New York is in the top 3 every year.  This means New York is continually on the frontier of biotechnology research and discovery.

Texas:  Although Texas are a comparatively small number of biotechnology companies, it’s a state that focuses on the agricultural aspect of biotechnology and bioscience.    Employment in Texas is estimated to be close to 30 000, with much of this work coming in the agricultural and research sector.  For instance, Cargill, one of the largest agricultural food companies in the United States, supplies more than 6000 jobs through 24 communities throughout Texas.  In Summary:

25 000 Biotech Jobs

Home of Cargill, a leader in agricultural biotechnology

Close to 50 Biotechnology Companies.

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